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My work is heavily driven by purpose and meaning. It’s important for me to have a personal connection with the content, it’s meaning as a message, transmit my energy into the piece and give it authenticity.

I’m passionate about inspiring to be more compassionate and connected, with our self and others. In some work I address the relationship between the external environment and the internal self, and in others I address the relationship between the internal self across individuals. The aim is to evoke a feeling of a connection to something or someone beyond oneself, to switch your mind into a different mode of engagement. I seek to leverage on the encoded meaning while at the same time build a new understanding og the significant through association.

In my landscape work I capture a sense of freedom, grace and elegance with refined colour palette and a poetic sensibility. The way I interact and capture the landscape is the portal for my investigation into my inner nature.

In my portrait work it’s important to be honest. I achieve this with simple compositions, intimate and raw insight into the subjects thoughts and emotions.

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